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Be Curious,





Charity Slam was born out of the idea that all charities of any size, should have a 'criticism free' space to explore, create, and experiment with ideas.  Fundraisers are the lifeblood of any charity, and they need a new way to share and grow within the sector… aka Charity Slam.


We want to help fundraisers find and make a tangible, solid difference in their charity. Our goal is to help the charity industry diversify and grow in new, exciting directions.


This is not a sales pitch. We have no businesses selling to you, no speakers wanting to make new connections. This day is only about fundraisers.


We want to create a day where we treat charities like the businesses, innovators and explorers that they are. To help drive income and raise awareness.


This is Charity Slam.


Accessibility & Inculsivity 

Charity Slam aims to create an inclusive, welcoming environment.

We are founded on the belief that no one should not be restricted by age, gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, or the ability to cite how much they have raised over the years in arguments.


Each ticket for Charity Slam comes with the conditions that the attendee must comply with our inclusion policy.

Our policy includes:

  • Choosing accessible venues with accessibility seats specifically marked out during the Slam 

  • Making sure where possible we have parity across our session hosts.

  • Having a designated quiet space

  • Using gender neutral terms when addressing the audience and identifying members asking questions

  • Offering bursary places for smaller charities.

  • Having gender neutral toilets as well as gendered toilets


We are trying where possible to ensure we meet these goals throughout Charity Slam.

If you are attending Charity Slam and have any needs please contact us on teamslam@charityslam.com


Please be aware that we are learning as we go, and our policy is a living document. If you feel we have not reached your expectations please get in touch and let us know so we can include everyone at teamslam@charityslam.com


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